Ladys & Gents was created by celebrity stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley.  Esteee is the stylist to the likes of Jessica Biel & Lea Michele, in love with dressing her kids, and admiring other little ones’ outfits.  With lots of friends in fashion, Ladys & Gents is meant to showcase kids’ looks at their best, from a giant tutu at ballet class to a vintage shirt and paint-splattered jeans on the playground.

Please send photos of your children to

Estee Stanley and her kids at home.


Q: How do I get my kids on the site?

A: Upload your photo using the form on the Submit page. In the caption, please include where the clothing items are from (head to toe). Also, please include any direct links to the items from the corresponding brand’s website.

Q: What kind of pictures are you looking for?

A: Ladys & Gents is looking for high-resolution street style photos that are preferably outside or against a clean white background. It’s best to submit full body shots so we can see their entire outfit.

Q: Can I buy the clothes from the photos?

A:  Yes! We’ve already done the work for you. Just click on the brands underneath each photo and it will take you to that items shopping cart. Some clothing is not available online, so we do our best to find you something similar.

Q: How do I become an advertiser?

A: Ladys & Gents is partnering with new advertisers and sponsors. If you are a kids clothing company, retailer or a magazine featuring kids style please contact for more information.

Q: How do I become an ambassador?

A: Ladys & Gents has 22 ambassadors worldwide. If you are obsessed with your kids and kids fashion as much as Estee is, then join us! The program involves you taking lots of pictures of your kids and us sending you free clothes. Please contact for more information.

Q: Is Ladys & Gents international?

A: Yes! Ladys & Gents is worldwide and has gained international exposure since its creation in 2012.

Q: What are Estee’s favorite brands?

A: Flora and HenriNico Nico, boy+girl, Bonpoint, J. Crew, Bonton, Trico Field & Gap.

Q: What does the Ladys & Gents newsletter feature?

A: When you sign up for the Ladys & Gents newsletter you will receive a weekly inspiration of photos, Estee’s favorite brands, outfit ideas, invitations to upcoming events, opportunities to enter competitions, and behind the scenes information. If you want the VIP Ladys & Gents experience make sure to sign up here.